MTS Technologies - Thermal Spray


Thermal Spray is used to build up surfaces on both new and damaged machinery components. The built up surface is typically added to mitigate wear, prevent corrosion or for dimensional restoration.

Thermal spray creates a mechanical bond between the parent material (substrate) and the applied material. Different materials exhibit different bond strengths and porosity levels. MTS will recommend and supply the appropriate material and can supply material composition certificates (unless propriety). MTS can arrange metallographic inspection on sample coupons if required.

Parts requiring Thermal Spray must be grit blasted prior to the application of the desired material. As such, some parts may require dis-assembly or may not be a suitable candidate for Thermal Spray. If this is the case, MTS will recommend an alternate repair utilising a welding process or a mechanical repair such as sleeving. 

It is also important to note that in most cases any NDT (Dye Penetrate or Florescent Penetrate Inspections) should be carried out on the substrate rather than a coating due to the risk of inherent porosity generating a false result.

MTS Technologies utilises the following Thermal Spraying methods:

- Twin Wire Arc Spraying

- Flame Powder Spray

- Flame Wire Spray

- Spray and Fuse

Commonly applied materials:

- Nickel / Iron alloys

- High Chromium content alloys

- Molybdenum

- Stainless steels

- Cupronickel

- Aluminium Bronze

- Aluminium and Zinc alloys

- Stellite brand materials and equivalents

- Bronze

- Ceramics

- Other anti-wear materials upon request






Some MTS thermal spray jobs including sections from an evaluation and report carried out by MTS for desalination plant applications

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